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Site Map and Analysis of the House

Site map of the house

The Maison de Verre is located in the St-Thomas D'Aquin quartier of the 7th arrondissement, also called 'du Palais-Bourbon'. The arrondissements are 20 administrative districts  set in place during Napoleon's reign. Each arrondissement is known for a certain aspect it provides to the city. For example, the 7th arrondissement was the area where French nobility used to live in the 17th century and is usually considered the most aristocratic of all the districts. This arrondissement was not only home to many rich and aristocratic families, it also used to be known as the political heart of the city. It was home to the Ultra Party of France, a political faction that strongly supported royalism. Eventually, this district lost most of its political influence, but is still known to be fashionable and aristocratic. 

Right next to La Maison de Verre is the St-Germain de Pres quartier of the 6th arrondissement, also known as 'du Luxembourg'. This district was home to the Parisian intelligentsia, an area filled with beautiful architecture and prestigious history. It is well known for the advent intellectualism and literature that it hosted. It was also home to many of the post-war movements that were incredibly influential in history such as surrealism, modern feminism, and existentialism.

Both of these districts and quartiers helped shape La Maison de Verre's history and involvement with politics and art. The clandestine political meetings that often occurred there were possible due to its location. The influence of art and emerging artistic movements can be seen in the design of the house and the architects, again, possible due to its location.

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