Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chareau on the façade solution

“I had to build between two party walls, and the plans called for a division of space according to the needs and tastes of modern living habits. There was only one way to get the maximum of light: build entirely translucent façades. I began experimenting in 1927, using large and thick plates of glass, frosted on one side. This first attempt did not satisfy me at all, though. At any rate, and given the fact that the ventilation and heating problems had been solved in a very special way, the principle of doing away with windows ws adopted: there would be only small openings, for security. At this stage, giving up the idea of using large glass blocks, we began looking for elements which, once assembled, could make unlimited surfaces, but without creating the gaping holes of large glass plates. It was out of the question to think of new materials for such a modest experiment. Among those already existing, I chose Nevada-type glass lenses as they seemed to correspond best to the conditions of the problem.”

The front glass facade of the house.


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