Saturday, December 8, 2012

Main Staircase

The central feature of the ground floor is the ground stairway which leads to the first floor. A corridor leads to the main staircase. It is sheltered by a screen that slides along a curved section while the other folds back against the railing. On days when there were guests both sides were opened. Light filters through a series of screens made of different materials.

Illustration of main staircase
Section of the main staircase

The treads of the staircase were covered with rubber, like a monumental ladder. Despite its functional appearance, it also served a purpose as a ceremonial stairway. The Dalsace couple would welcome guests arriving on the ground floor at the top of the staircase. It is also an unusual position for a staircase, located in the middle of the house. The visitor goes upwards facing the glass wall and gradually discovering the true dimensions of the upper level. The surprise of the first floor is the immense open space that is the library and the glass wall façade facing the courtyard that illuminates said space. Below the stairway, there is an area covered in black tiles. As one ascends the staircase and looks down, it appears as though a void is opening up below.

Screen that covers the stairs.
Side view of stairs.
Note black tiling underneath.
Top view of stairs.

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